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Leoty tips for your best nights sleep

By Caitlin Price-Ward

Image via Pop and Scott.

​​Here at Leoty, we value a good nights sleep and understand the importance of getting one. It is detrimental not only to mental and physical health but to being as productive as possible. As we delve into the depths of Winter, it can feel like you can’t get enough of the stuff, but it’s important to strike the balance and not oversleep to avoid feeling lethargic. Here are our tried and tested tips to help you get your best nights sleep yet, so you awake fresh and ready to conquer the day.

​​Pare it back

​​​​A bedroom that is messy and unorganised can lead to your brain feeling quite the same. Stripping back the clutter in your bedroom surroundings is proven to calm anxiety, allowing your mind to switch off more easily and freeing up extra minutes for coffee in the morning. Not only will you find yourself drifting off easier and having a better nights sleep, nothing beats the feeling of cosying down with your favorite book in a freshly made bed without your eyes being drawn away to the pile of washing in the corner of your room.

​​​​Lights off

​​​​After a long day at work, it can seem impossible to switch off - especially if your day job involves staring at a screen all day. This is why it is imperative to your sleep cycle to keep the light in your sleep space natural, especially after the 9pm mark. Keeping your devices away from your bed on aeroplane mode can help to avoid texting temptation; try filling the last couple of hours of the evening with something kinder on the eyes such as a book. Many sleep studies show that that can reduce the amount of micro-awakenings, leading to a better quality nights sleep. Additional to this, invest in a sleeping mask and black out blinds to help block out that early morning light - especially in summer.

​​​​​​Eat well

​​​​If you want a great nights sleep, dose up on fruit and vegetables. Both vitamin C and carotenoids were documented in the blood of study participants recording optimum hours of sleep, while those eating fewer than 200g of fruit and veg each day tended to either under or oversleep relative to the recommended eight hours. Incorporate them into your diet via smoothies, salads and other yummy foods. As well as having a healthy diet, it is important to exercise regularly in order to improve the quality of your sleep. We like to work out in the Celine Bra and Therese Legging.

The Celine Bra and Therese Legging in Charcoal/Olive.

​​​​​Winter warmers

The temperature of your bedroom is incredibly important, especially in winter. Striking the perfect balance of cosy… but not clammy, can be difficult to say the least. Central heating can dry out the air in your living space, not only sapping the moisture from your skin but making it difficult to drift off. You’ll never get rid of that inevitable January flu, or indeed get a good nights sleep, if the dry air in your bedroom is inducing a tickly cough late into the night. Invest in an air humidifier and linen bed sheets which, similar to our technical fabrics, wick away moisture from the body keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

​​Evening Essentials

​​​​​​As you wind down for the evening, essential oils can be used to aid relaxation and clear the mind. Candles, pillow mists and bubble baths are two great ways to incorporate these powerful essences into your nightly routine. Our favorite however, is the Tata Harper Aromatic Bed roll on. This aromatherapeutic relaxing scent calms the mind for restful sleep with a blend of natural essential oils; Lavender, Roman chamomile, and clary sage help inspire a sense of tranquility and serenity for easy sleep. Simply roll onto the skin’s pressure points and breathe deeply.

Our bed time essential, Tata Harper Aromatic roll on.

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