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How to set realistic New Year’s Resolutions

By Caitlin Price-Ward

The Camille Merino Cardigan in Ivory.

With the 31st almost upon us, it’s time to start planning some New Year’s resolutions.

Why does that realisation tend to be accompanied with a twinge of dread? Secondly, why do we feel the need to painfully restrict every inch of our life after an indulgent holiday season only to be disappointed in ourselves when we stumble at the first “cocktails anyone?”. We’re not sure either, so we’re about to enlighten you on how you can make mindful, realistic resolutions that won’t inhibit you from living a 2020 filled with joie de vivre.


Don’t get us wrong, January is always the best time to try a new diet or exercise regime, but why should the new you punish her body and eliminate all her favourite things? A healthy resolution must strike a delicate balance. Instead of pencilling in HIIT cardio and an ab workout every day of the week, try varying your exercise methods so that your gym routine doesn’t become a chore. We are all aware of the many metabolic benefits of swimming, but just 30 minutes in the pool three times a week is also proven to lower stress levels and raise your mood, contributing to a happier new year.

Turn heads and get yours down for some lengths at your local pool in a bold yet functional swimsuit. Our pick? The Victoire Swimsuit in navy and cobalt – effortlessly chic and appropriate for any pool setting.

The Victorie Swimsuit in Navy and Cobalt.


Going dry for January? Don’t let a Sauvignon ban sabotage your social life – swap drinks at The Little Red Door for brunch at Soul Kitchen; a healthier and hangover-free alternative. Otherwise, try simply reducing your alcohol intake to a couple glasses of wine with dinner on the weekend. In terms of diet, try eating mindfully instead of with the primary intention of shedding Christmas weight. Embracing a Parisian mindset and eating for pleasure as and when you are truly hungry can help to regain a healthy relationship with food.

Brunch at Soul Kitchen, Paris - captured by @morganapotts on Instagram.


Transitioning into a New Year, we tend to construct unhealthy, drastic expectations that are focused on punishment rather than shaping a better you. Make your resolutions about feeling better, being kind to yourself and nurturing your mind, body, and soul for a 2020 that flourishes.

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