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Our tips for boosting your immune system

By Caitlin Price-Ward

​As more of us are confined to self isolation in this unprecedentedly difficult time, we'd like to share our tips on how we're boosting our immune systems at home.

​​Get enough sleep and manage stress.

​Sleep deprivation and stress overload increase the hormone cortisol, prolonged elevation of which suppresses immune function. As well as having minima distractions before bed, a temperate environment and a healthy diet, it is important to exercise regularly in order to improve the quality of your sleep. We like to work out in the Celine Bra and Therese Legging.

The Celine Bra and Therese Legging in Charcoal/Olive.

​​​​Avoid tobacco smoke.

​​​​Smoking undermines basic immune defences and raises the risk of infections and viruses that attack the respiratory system. Tabacco smoke also reduces the efficiency of your workouts due to its effect on the lung capacity. The tar in cigarette smoke coats your lungs and makes the air sacs less elastic, whilst the smoke produces phlegm that can cause congestion.

​​​​​​Drink less alcohol.

​​​Don’t get us wrong, a glass of wine here and there is often a necessity - but excessive consumption of alcohol not only impairs the immune system, it also increases vulnerability to lung infections. It’s best to avoid binge drinking if you want your immune system to be at its strongest over the following weeks.

​​​​​Exercise the right way.

Avoid prolonged periods of intense exercise and stick to moderate movement methods such as walking and yoga. Working out at home never looked so good - we’re keeping active by practicing pilates in our bestselling Ilona Bodysuit in Black.

Our home workout essential, the Ilona Bodysuit in Black

​​Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

​​​​​​This will provide your body with the nutrients your immune system needs to function; A study in older adults showed that boosting fruit and vegetable intake improved antibody response.

​​Catch some rays.

​​​​​​Sunlight triggers the skin’s production of vitamin D, which plays a hugely important role in your immune system and can be a determining factor in whether or not you develop an autoimmune disease. We recommend ensuring that you dedicate yourself some time every day to leave the house, get some fresh air and catch some rays.

​​Consider probiotics and supplements.

​​​​​​One of the immune system’s jobs is to protect us from harmful bacteria. Probiotics contribute to this effort in a number of ways, mainly by making it harder for a population of harmful bacteria to thrive. Supplements include immune supportive herbs and medicinal mushrooms. We love WTHN’s ‘Can’t Touch This – daily immune system power-up*’, which also aids stress relief.

Our go to supplement for immunity from WTHN

​Go for the garlic.

​​​​​​Garlic is not only delicious, it is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and immune booster. Because heat deactivates a key active ingredient, add it to foods just before serving to reap the maximum benefits of this infection fighting food.

​Rest up and look after yourself.

​​​​​​Take this time to rest and read the novels that you’ve never got round to reading. Whether you’re curling up on the sofa or getting creative with new recipes and hobbies, kick back in our supersoft, lightweight Rib pieces of ultimate comfort.

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