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DOSE's favorite
kick-starting routines

By Abigail Pyke

Shara Tochia and Hettie Holmes, founders of DOSE.

Shara and Hettie of DOSE, an online magazine for healthy hedonists, know it can be difficult to stay balanced and focused on your health and wellness in the summertime, when life is about lazy indulgence and lush holidays. They shared with us their favorite regimes for getting back into the swing of things after a time away, just in time for the back to work and back to school season to kick in.

Shara's Routine

When I've been away for work or fun, I always find the following workouts and rewards help me to reset...

A Heartcore Pilates class with Aline or Max. Low intensity workouts help me to sweat but reboot my flexibility and lengthen the body too. I try to take a class 2 - 3 times per week at their Hampstead of St John's Wood studio.

A Barry's Bootcamp class with Jason or Sam once per week is always what I crave to fire up my endorphins and blast my body and mind into what is the best post-workout feeling I've ever experienced.

A Jivamukti class with Melody Hekmat at Triyoga or KXU is my last weekly must for calming my mind, but getting a killer workout too. There is no class like it in my opinion and her music compliments the workout too!

Spinning, park run & a PT weights session with Kim Ngo are my other go-to’s when I have the time!

Hettie's Routine

When I’ve been away, I love nothing more than to recalibrate with a walk through the sand-dunes at my local beach Saunton Sands with a podcast and my spaniel for company. In the summer I like to run the length of the beach, break for a swim half way and run back.

I love to take part in a Yoga and Bootcamp session with Bay Fitness at Croyde beach. We often break for a coffee between sessions. It’s a great way to meet new people and have a bit of fun outdoors – I say fun, the dune sprints are lethal but the instructor Blakey is a hoot.

Now that I’m a new mum, I’m pretty limited to what I can do exercise wise. I love to walk for a couple of hours each day along the Tarka Trail with the pram – it’s a scenic cycling route in my hometown of Braunton. I usually break at the Waterside café for a green juice (and a cake).

When I’m not changing nappies, I squeeze in an at-home workout using my learnings from a pre/post natal PT course I took with Frame. I use a resistance band to do lots of glute activation, core exercises and postural work.

When in London, I like to take a class at Bodyism – my husband is a PT there so I get treated like a member of the family. My favourite class is the Bodyism Blueprint – a fusion of interval training, yoga, meditation and stretching. It always leaves me feeling strong and zen.

I am a sucker for a Barry’s Bootcamp class. Anya Lahiri is my go-to trainer – she’s a little bit mean which motivates me and brings out my competitive spirit. I love racing the guy on the treadmill next to me to let my inner Victrix Ludorum run wild. I haven’t found an endorphin rush quite like it.

Thanks to Hettie and Shara for sharing with us their top picks for getting back into a routine, whether it just be a breath of fresh air outside with the dog, or a rigorous regime to jumpstart your fitness. For more of their articles on all things healthy yet hedonistic, head to their online magazine, DOSE, here.