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Banish SAD Syndrome this Winter

By Caitlin Price-Ward

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​​As we find ourselves in the grips of Winter, we can begin to feel as bleak as the weather itself. The cause? That little syndrome called seasonal affective disorder. ​​The main culprit of SAD is the limited supply of sunlight during the winter season. However, before you book that February trip to the Caribbean you may want to read our (less expensive) mood-boosting tips for battling the dreadful winter slog.

Sweat it out

​​In Winter, our bodies tend to produce far more melatonin, or the ‘sleep hormone’. This can lead to us feeling lethargic and sleepy, even after we’ve clocked up a respectable 8 hours of shut-eye. In aid of a better sleep quality, exercise as regularly as possible. Metabolic exercise is not only a great stress-reliever but also releases the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, which can enlighten feelings of depression. Why not try a group hot yoga or barre class with friends for an extra mood boost? Our Ariane Bra is the perfect stretch piece for these activities, crafted with technical fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin.

The Ariane Bra

Eat happy

​​Resist carb cravings, as sugar crashes will not only lower your mood but will only leave you wanting more. Instead, nourish your body with lots of healthy fruits and vegetables known to battle depression such as citruses high in Vitamin C and dark, leafy greens. In addition to this, opt for protein-based, balanced meals that are packed with valuable nutrients and slow-release energy; a healthy diet is incredibly important, not only for general wellbeing but for fighting the effects of SAD.

​​​​Supplement your health

​​If you find that there are simply not enough hours of sunlight in the day and jetting off on a Winter sun holiday is out of the question, consider taking a Vitamin D supplement throughout the season in order for your body to create the amount of the vitamin it needs. The most effective (and easiest) way to take this is via an oral spray that is absorbed straight into the bloodstream.

​​Get out and about

​​Banish those blues by making the absolute most of the limited Winter daylight to increase your Vitamin D intake. If you work in an office, be sure you’re getting outdoors on your lunchbreak and spending as much time as possible outdoors of the weekend in aid of sapping up some much needed sunlight. Double the positive effects of getting out and about by going for a hike or a run and get that serotonin pumping. Do it in our Technical Knit kit, designed for high impact activity and your most comfortable workout yet.

The Technical Knit kit.

​​Light it up

​​​​Since it is thought that the lack of sunlight is one of the key causes of SAD, it makes sense that getting more of it could ease symptoms. Light therapy is an alternative treatment; SAD lamps mimic the natural light that our bodies need to help balance and improve our mood and reduce feelings of lethargy and depression. Light therapy is an effective way to treat seasonal affective disorder by combating the symptoms on those dark and gloomy days of the year where you need the natural light most.

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