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5 Classic Yoga Poses That Won’t Let You Down

By Gee Marling

Whilst the change of season brings with it an energy that can be galvanizing in the wake of August’s more relaxed pace, it’s important to have a few techniques you can call on to evoke a sense of inner calm when the conveyor belt of school routines, work deadlines and social engagements come together to create a perfect storm that threatens to submerge you. Learning a few classic yoga poses, even just one or two, that you can turn to anywhere and at any time, can help to remind you that the storm will pass, and calm seas will return soon enough.

Image © Lovetta Reyes Cairo

Downward Facing Dog

If you asked your Dad to name a yoga pose, there’s a strong chance (unless he’s a fully-fledged yogi) the only one he’d be able to muster would be Downward Facing Dog. The pose most familiar to expert yogis and non-practitioners alike, the DFD is one of the first thing that newbies to any yoga practice learn. Simple, at least outwardly, the pose is one of the best for a reinvigorating full body stretch. In our humble opinion it’s best practised in the morning to get the blood pumping around the body, though be sure to walk your hands back towards your feet and come up slowly to avoid a head rush!

The Romy Corset © Ernest Leoty

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The Romy corset should help you feel secure in all downward-facing poses.

Image © Lovetta Reyes Cairo

Tree Pose

Challenging no doubt, but the benefits are worth the effort. Tree Pose requires poise and balance, which in turn requires focus and concentration. All yoga poses ask that you gently turn thoughts to your body, and away from the noise of the outside world, but this is a pose that is outright demanding of your attention in the best possible way. Thoughts of instagram - the shoes you need, the holiday you deserve, the life you should be living but aren’t - melt away as the purpose of your being centres, simply, on how to stand on one leg.

The Corset Shortie © Ernest Leoty

Style advice

The Corset Shortie is great for this pose as it allows skin to skin contact between the base of the foot and the inner thigh helping you keep your balance.

Images © Lovetta Reyes Cairo

Cat / Cow Pose

These two poses are frequently combined to create a gentle flow from one to the other. The movement is slow and considered, mindful in its transition from convex to concave and vice versa. Both are good for the spine and provide an internal massage for the stomach organs. Ground your hands and knees in a neutral tabletop position and then lose yourself in the beautifully simple meditative process of alternating between cat (raised) and cow (dipped). Poses don’t come much more straightforward than these two.

The Ilona Bodysuit © Ernest Leoty

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The Ilona Bodysuit with its elegant open back is perfect for unrestricted flow of movement in cat/cow.

Images © Lovetta Reyes Cairo

Cobra Pose

A pose with an endless supply of benefits due in large part to its heart opening position. Cobra promotes flexibility, strengthens the spine and stretches the chest, shoulders and abdomen. It can even help with certain medical conditions such as sciatica and asthma, and can alleviate the symptoms of stress and fatigue. It’s a pose with a positive attitude, your gaze focused forward in order to maintain length in the upper spine, your body strong and fully engaged. In this position it’s hard not to feel empowered by the strength of your body and at the same time, humbled by a higher power that you appear to be surrendering to.

The Corset Bra and Legging © Ernest Leoty

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The Corset Bra and Legging are perfect for Cobra thanks to the two-way stretch of the fabric which helps you feel comfortable but gives structure too.

Images © Lovetta Reyes Cairo

Child’s Pose

A firm favourite with yoga enthusiasts the world over, child’s pose is the ultimate position in which to retreat, take stock and just be. Use this pose in between a series of more challenging asanas or at the end of your practice to reflect on what you have achieved and how your body feels. Withdraw to this pose outside of your practice if you feel the need, if you’re at a loose end or finding it hard to concentrate this can be a great way to reset your body and your mind. You can deepen the intensity of the pose as much as you like in order to lengthen your spine and get a gentle stretch for your hips, thighs and ankles.

The Diane Bra © Ernest Leoty

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The mesh lining and high coverage of the Diane Bra gives great support which is just what you need in a full stretch, ground-facing posture such as Child’s pose.

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