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Savoir Faire

We bring together designers from different ends of the fashion spectrum,
couture and sportswear, to dream up beautiful technical clothing.

As their innovative collaboration takes active wear in exciting new directions,
they work closely with specialists to achieve the perfect piece.

Traditional corset design requires specialized tailoring skills
and a deep understanding of the female form.
Inspired by our namesake, we apply that unique expertise
to everything we make.

We combine the tailoring of the luxury fashion world with
the highly technical seaming of the sportswear world.
Specialist techniques—such as bonding, zig-zag stitching
and overlocking—secure panels and make our clothing
as strong as it is comfortable.

All Ernest Leoty clothing is made in Europe.
We traveled around the continent to find the best factories to work with,
looking for teams who are as passionate about quality as we are.

As we develop our products, we frequently meet with our partners to exchange ideas.

One of our factories is among the oldest corset makers in France, producing lingerie and swimwear
for luxury brands and dancing costumes for the Opéra de Paris.
Our more technical pieces are made at a factory that manufactures Olympic uniforms
and high-performance gear for renowned ski, cycling, and fitness brands.

All of our fabrics are made in Italy.
We source technical materials from premium textile mills
that supply couture and performance labels.

Our fabrics are made from quick-drying blends of cotton, polyamide and elastane
that provide UV protection, pile resistance, and moisture-wicking properties.

They embrace the silhouette with a contoured, supportive fit.
Lycra fibers ensure that stretch fabrics hold their shape through years of wear.

We are couture for leisure