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COVID-19 - Our Response

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve, we would like to reassure our customers that we are doing our part to slow the spread of the virus and react accordingly while we continue to operate as a business.

Whilst we continue to fulfil online orders, we have been working hard to ensure that the health and wellness of individuals at every level of the Ernest Leoty family is prioritised; from the employees our head office, to our hardworking teams at our European factories and throughout our supply chain. People are our priority and we’re all in this together.

As we continue daily life in these critical and unforeseen circumstances, we realise that, more than ever, it is the time to step back and allow us to reconnect with ourselves, our values and those that we love.

Fulfilling your order

Our warehouse is currently open and running as usual but they are taking extensive precautions to ensure the safety of its workers, including providing high quality, protective wear and shift rotas to minimise physical interaction.

How are our factories responding?

We are in constant contact with our factories to ensure the safety of their workers. Various measures have been put in place in line with government guidelines, including paid sick leave and stringent hygiene rules for the safety of everyone.

When will I get my shipment?

We aim to get your new Leoty pieces to you as quickly as possible. Our orders are currently being shipped as per usual.

Can I guarantee a refund?

In response to COVID-19, we have extended our return policy to 60 days if items are returned in prime condition. If your return is at risk of falling outside of this window, please reach out to our customer service at to discuss. 

How can I still workout and live wellness during confinement?

We have been working hard with our partners, fitness studios, yoga studios and influencers, to bring you at-home work-out via our Instagram Live channel. Connect to our Instagram account to see our planning and be able to see these workouts live with our community!

Our thoughts continue to be with the safety and health of our employees, customers, and the world.

Stay safe, stay indoors.

With Love,