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Stanislas Belliard, Founder Of Revel Paris

Stanislas Belliard

Parisian Stanislas Belliard is the founder of uber chic sunglasses brand, Revel Paris. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Revel on our Resort Holiday Box and wanted to find out more from the man behind the shades including how he stays fit and healthy, his favourite travel destinations and why he thinks sunglasses are the only accessory you really need.

Q: Your sunglasses brand Revel Paris is super chic, however it started life as a sunshade umbrella brand, can you share the story of its evolution with us?
A: Initially I started by trying to revive the brand with sunshade umbrellas, but I quickly realised that the product was too old fashioned to form the basis of the revival. Since the product designer I was working with was also a great eyewear designer, it seemed natural to switch the focus to sunglasses, keeping the link to the sun and shade, whilst updating a heritage product.
Q: What inspires the designs of the collection?
A: When I discovered the brand I was seduced by its universe, and I wanted to throw new products and new creative approaches into it. Sunglasses are at the heart of this. I wanted the designers to give the brand their own vision of the Revel universe: it’s about tropical countries, the sun, the sand, palm trees...
Q: What is it about sunglasses that makes them such a cool accessory?
A: I think what makes them cool is that they’re so inextricably linked with the idea of fun, sun and holidays. But they’re are also a very personal product given that you wear them on your face - picking the right pair of shades is a choice that matters. Lastly I would say that sunglasses are a very versatile part of someone’s style, it’s easy to adapt them according to how you feel.
Q: Who wears sunglasses well?
A: I can’t think of anyone in particular, but a woman swimming with sunglasses on is a very cool look.
Q: Apart from a great pair of Revel shades, what accessory can’t you leave the house without?
A: My wallet. I carry very few accessories, just a wallet and a pair of shades. The thing that makes sunglasses unique as an accessory is that you always want them, even when you want to take very little with you.
Q: Whose style do you admire?
A: There isn’t anyone in particular whose style I admire. I like boldness and consistency in style, but that could be an Indian chef or a Japanese woman wearing a kimono.
Q: What influences your own personal style?
A: Convenience: for everyday, for travel or for driving my scooter around Paris. So, I would say anything that permits me to move around easily.
Q: How would you describe French style?
A: I would say it’s natural and sophisticated. I mean, it seems natural but usually it’s very well thought out, which means it’s balanced and elegant. I think it’s the opposite of being over-styled.
Q: Is exercise a pleasure or a chore for you?
A: Exercice is a great pleasure for me.
Q: What do you do to stay active?
A: I’ve been doing Karate twice a week since I was 14 years old. Every week I meet my friend at the club and we practice together. It’s also good for my mental health.
Q: What’s your top tip for productivity during a working day?
A: The first 30 minutes are key to starting the day in a positive way, as well as having a great breakfast of course. And then to maintain a good atmosphere it’s important to be able to work hard, but not be overworked.
Q: We’re thrilled to have the Revel Prisme sunglasses in our Resort Holiday Box, what other 3 things can’t you live without on a warm vacation?
A: Sports gear, swimwear and a towel.
Q:What’s your favourite thing to do in a new place?
A: Meet the locals, and get an authentic feel for the place by living the way they do.
Q: What’s your favourite thing to do in a new place?
A: Meet the locals, and get an authentic feel for the place by living the way they do.
Q: Which countries are you most inspired by, and why?
A: New Zealand, the landscape and wildlife diversity are really inspiring. There’s also also a very relaxed way of travelling there that I enjoy.
Q: If you could live in any other city in the world where would you pick?
A: Milan as I love European cities and it’s easier to escape to the mountains and the lakes there than it is in Paris. So it’s great for city life - fashion, arts, nightlife - but you also have nature close by.
Q: What is your favourite destination in the world, and why?
A: I went to South Africa recently and enjoyed it a lot. There’s a concept called ‘Africalifornia’ which I love: a mix of west coast USA and Africa. Cape Town is amazing and the nature reserves are wonderful - it’s a powerful mix.
Q: What’s your idea of the perfect New Year’s Eve?
A: Friends. And a house with a warm fire inside whilst it’s cold outside. I prefer a wintery New Year’s Eve to a sunny one, definitely.
Q:What are you excited for in 2019?
A: We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for Revel Paris, including new products line and new countries to explore. Top of the list is Mexico, it’s potentially a great place for Revel...
Q: How will you be spending the holiday season?
A: If I could do one week with friends, one with family and another for sport and travelling, that would be perfect.

The Revel ‘Prisme’ sunglasses in our Resort Holiday Box

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