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February Fitness Inspiration (With A Little Help From Our Influencers)

By Gee Marling

Visualisation is a well known tool used by professional athletes as part of their training. It works on the premise that by creating and rehearsing a positive mental experience we can enhance our ability to achieve a successful outcome in real life. This technique can be especially powerful when the urge to stay rooted to a warm, comfy sofa threatens to derail any attempt by a more sensible part of our brain which gently suggests some exercise might do us good. Throw away the unappealing image of getting kitted up and opening the door to a blast of icy wind, and instead focus on an image of rosy cheeks, a soothing warm shower and the unbeatable feeling of achievement you’ll gain from taking action and doing what you said you would do. To help you on your way we’ve gathered workout inspiration from some of our favourite influencers.


Hit the Barre

Chloe Kernaghan of Sky Ting Yoga in New York is wearing the Perform Legging with the Cara Crop Top to practise some barre work. Exercising with a friend or sibling can be so much more fun and motivating than practising alone. If you’re met with resistance, bribe them with the offer of brunch afterwards.


Pump Some Iron

Fitness guru Alexia Clark wears the Corset Legging in Navy/White to perform one of her quick but super-effective circuits that she posts on instagram. She makes it look effortless here, but it's guaranteed to get muscles working hard, in turn releasing those feel-good endorphins.


Dance Yourself Fit

If you prize elegance and grace as components of your workout then why not try ballet? It provides a great stretch for the whole body but is especially good for toning legs. So if you’re already dreaming about baring your pins in summer skirts, start practising the grand plié’s now! Take some inspiration from Prima Ballerina with the Los Angeles Ballet, Bianca Bulle pictured here in her Ilona Bodysuit in Navy/Teal.


Stretch and Recharge

One of our go to instagram accounts for yoga inspiration videos, Yoga Girl London, a.k.a. Hannah Barrett, puts our Perform Leggings and Bra to the test here in a routine that will recharge those parts of your body that have been lying dormant for the last couple of weeks.


Stretch and Recharge

Finally, take care not to over exert yourself when re-starting your exercise routine. Make some time for gentle activities such as swimming, or like The Yoginist - seen here in her Ilona Bodysuit in Navy/Teal - some calming restorative yoga. Whoever thought doing the splits could be so peaceful.

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