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Inspiration behind our
AW19 collection

In our Autumn Winter 2019 Collection, we build upon our pillars of Parisian sensibility and versatility, keeping the modern Leoty Woman at the forefront of our designs. On top of these core values, we continue to focus our design cues of strong graphic lines and soft silhouettes, though these signatures see a contemporary update. Most notably seen throughout the collection this season are our color palette and styles inspired by: contrast, boldness, and fluidity, found in both nature and ballet.

Playing with light and dark in two new pieces, the Constance T Shirt and Chloe Short.

Natural Contrast

We took inspiration from the contrast found in nature, from light and dark, to soft and loud. Playing with shadows in our collection imagery offers a juxtaposition between the natural and created worlds, while mimicking the graphic lines our collection is known for. The introduction of striking new color blocking styles and hues pays homage to the sharp contrasts found in the world around us.

Our moodboard for Natural Contrast.

Bold Ballet

Our passion for ballet takes on a fresh look this season, with pieces made for the contemporary elegance the modern woman seeks. Sultry and moody colors like prune and mauve add a subtle twist to the traditional ballet pink, while classic ballerina leotards get updated in vivid scarlet and inky black. Pieces from the collection are a nod to the art’s sartorial style, allowing any woman, dancer or not, to feel the grace and power akin to that of a prima ballerina.

Our mood board for Bold Ballet.

Fluidity in Movement

As always and in line with our heritage, we strive to create pieces that accommodate and accentuate women’s bodies and lifestyles. We call upon fluid elements found in ballet and nature, reflected in our ocean tones of navy and cobalt, and creating new silhouettes that allow for the graceful movement of dancers. This collection encourages greater movement, heightened support, and unparalleled chicness.

Our mood board for Fluidity in Movement.

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