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A conversation with… Claire Nouy, Co-founder of Atelier Nubio: The Parisian Pioneer in Detox Juicing Shares Her Health Tips

Meet Claire Nouy, co-founder of Parisian brand Nubio, a pioneer in detox juices, offering cold-pressed raw fruits and vegetables juices, for a natural and detoxing Cleanse.

Claire Nouy

Where are you from?

I was born in a small town on the wild coast of Brittany in northwest France.

You are the co-founder of Atelier Nubio. Where did you get the inspiration to start the company?

I am passionate about wellness and I love new experiences, so I decided to give running my own business a shot. I liked it so much that I am still mad with the adventure of it all!

What are your favorite things about living in Paris?

The city has featured in so many films, books and songs that I sometimes feel— depending on my mood—like I live in a Rimbaud poem, a Hemingway novel or a Godard film.

When you’re not in the office – where can we find you?

If I am in Paris on weekends, I have breakfast at the Hotel Amour with my daughter—she loves the golden fishes in the garden. If I feel like I need to see the trees I head to Monfort L’Amaury in the Rambouillet forest. I am a super-active person and I need to be surrounded by greenery to relax. I try to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tell us a bit about your exercise regime?

I often change my workout routine depending on my stress levels. If I am tense, I stick to long walks and deep breaths. If I feel like I need a bit more energy, I am a huge fan of Klara Puski’s yoga classes. I like running in the forest too

What do you eat in a typical day?

Like my workout, I adapt my diet according to my energy and stress levels. I don’t eat meat but make an exception for bone broth, which is packed with collagen—my current obsession! I drink Atelier Nubio Juices every day, and berries as well. I’ll have a glass of red wine once a week.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Natural red wine.

How do you switch off?

I turn my phone off.

How would you describe French style?

Effortless. Witty. Untidy.

Can you share some of your recent fashion, beauty or lifestyle discoveries?

Fête Impériale – I love the prints and cuts at this womenswear brand designed by Laura Gauthier Petit.

Molli – A beautiful French knitwear brand.

FPatine – For funky t-shirts and sweats.

We also chatted to Claire’s Atelier Nubio co-founder, Gabrielle Rotger, so stay tuned for her interview coming soon!

If you’re in Paris you can enjoy the benefits of detox juicing right now by visiting Atelier Nubio’s beautiful workshop at 4, rue Paul Bert, 75011, Paris /