My Bag

A Conversation With
Laura Bailey

By Abigail Pyke

Photo courtesy of Laura Bailey, shot by Nick Haddow.

Laura Bailey is a London based model and writer. You might be familiar with her work as a contributing editor for British Vogue, or you may follow her beautiful, magazine-like Instagram feed. Laura has a way with words and telling a story, so we couldn’t help but ask about her love of Paris, and of course, a few style notes.

Q: Describe Parisian style — in your eyes — in three words.

A: Nonchalant. Flirtatious. Sophisticated.

Q: Tell us a bit about your relationship with Paris. Where are your must-go places?

A: I often find myself alone in the most romantic city in the world as I am usually there for work! But I love to just drift from Le Bristol, my favourite hotel, stopping off at bookstores and galleries if I have time. And always a Chanel fix, for sunglasses or a beauty treat.

I do, however, have a tradition of a Paris date weekend once every year or two with my best friend who lives in NYC. In autumn we caught Paris Photo at Le Grand Palais and always love walking around the Marais, treasure-hunting in the brocante if we’re lucky, and visiting Musee Picasso. But I love Paris most without a plan, stopping at little cafés or secret gardens, getting happily lost.

And one of my most special trips recently was with my daughter, followed by the train south to Antibes, le train bleu! Together we love the carousel and trampolines in the Tuileries and Le Jardin D’Acclimation next door to the always inspiring Louis Vuitton Fondation museum, where we saw the Basquiat show before climbing to the roof for the view.

Photo courtesy of Laura Bailey, shot by Nick Haddow.

Q: How would you style your favorite Ernest Leoty pieces in Paris? In London?

A: My style doesn’t really change depending on my location but perhaps in Paris I would layer in a more city-sophisticated style, for example the Ilona bodysuit under a black sundress, or a trench. At home in London, where my life is so full and physical I am more drawn to sporty layers and denim. And on the tennis court I love my Jade Crop Top with my tennis skirt and leggings. And Ernest Leoty’s corset cut means I feel so relaxed to stay in a chic sportswear element all day long, on my bike, to the studio, with the kids.

Q: What does wellness mean to you?

A: Energy. Joie de vivre. Curiosity. Adventure. Strength.

Q: How do you find balance between health and hedonism?

A: Balance is key of course. My life is fast-paced and I definitely want to be able to work/play/parent/travel with maximum energy and optimism and creative excitement, but also to slow down and drop out from time to time. Most important to me has been learning to boundary real time out, whether that’s with family, friends or on a solo adventure.

My favourite feel-good treats might include a boxing workout or a Thai massage, but also a great Italian meal and wine with friends. Even just in my own garden, come summer, or around my kitchen table. My friends are my family and it is them I rely on the most to remain centred and in the ideal intersection of health and hedonism. And if I feel overwhelmed, as sometimes inevitably happens, my favourite remedy is a slow walk around my local park with my beloved dog, no phone, no noise.

Q: Do you swear by a certain workout, or do you like to mix things up?

A: Definitely a mix. As a kid I was a serious runner, long distance and cross country, but now I am addicted to tennis, and have found my boxing sessions to be energising and empowering over the last few years. Pilates stretches me out and the core strength protects me from injury, especially since having kids when I suffered with back problems through pregnancies.

I cycle everywhere in London and will always prefer outdoor adventure as exercise. I have climbed Kilimanjaro and am planning another mountain adventure later this year. I am happiest in nature, hiking and exploring despite my long love affair with London.

Photo courtesy of Laura Bailey, via British Vogue.

Thanks to Laura for sharing her Paris with us, as well as her approach to wellness and balance. We love her regular Laura Loves series in British Vogue, where she recently shared her love of our collection, particularly the Philippine Swimsuit:

"Ernest Leoty is my favourite source of sport-luxe Lycra for when I shed my layers of boyish sweats. Now, the brand is launching its first swimwear range, available to pre-order. On a stolen weekend away in St Tropez, I’m alternating between the coral high-waisted bikini, and the royal and navy blue one-piece; bold block shades and couture cuts, for swimming (and après) Parisian-style."

Keep up with Laura on her Instagram here, or check out her page at British Vogue for her latest articles.