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A Conversation With… Iracema Trevisan

Art, in some form, has always played an important role in Iracema Trevisan’s life. Not only did she used to be the bass player of Brazilian electro-pop band CSS, but she also studied fashion design at college and worked for designer Alexander Herchcovitch as a style assistant in Brazil.

Now based in Paris, she works as a fashion designer having created her own brand of limited edition silk scarves, Heart Heart Heart. In our interview with her Iracema tells us about her life in Brazil and Paris, and the inspiration behind her scarves.

© Noel Manalili

Q: Hi Iracema, tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I’m a designer and art director from Brazil, living in France.

Q: You were the bass player in CSS, what did your time in the band teach you? How different is your life today?

A: CSS was everywhere around 2007. It was a fun time; I travelled constantly and met so many great people and places. I learned a lot about building your brand and identity in a crowded world. Being in the band was also an education in business: how to manage creativity and media output. We were quite ‘DIY’, so I had the opportunity to get involved in the different aspects of being in a commercially successful and critically acclaimed band.

Q: How long have you been living in Paris?

A: About 10 years now.

Q: How do you bring Brazil in to Paris?

A: Not easy but I’m working on that. ; )

Q: What does being an art director involve?

A: It depends; it can be about choices, putting the right people next to each other. In my case it’s about creating concepts and thinking about a campaign or content as a whole, as something innovative. I love tech so I’m drawn to that, how to use AR or VR for example, or how to engage with people, what’s the image and feel that is relevant today. Essentially art direction comes down to how you experience an image.

Q: Let’s talk about your brand Heart Heart Heart, can you explain how the idea for it came about?

A: It’s a laboratory. It’s where I go to put ideas in motion. My background is in fashion and textile design, so that is the most natural vehicle to me. I love scarves as a collectible, a piece that tells a story.

Q: Inyour opinion, what is it that makes a brand special?

A: A clear and intriguing image. The strange combinations, a mood you haven’t seen before but feels right for our time. Something that makes you look twice.

Q: You work onmany projects simultaneously, do you preferit that way?

A: I chose to open my studio and work with different brands because I’m curious and restless. Working on different projects allows me to jump between different worlds which I love, but above all I like learning new things and this way of working allows me that.

Q: How would you define French style?

A: It’s hard to say exactly but I would describe it as a mix of extreme pragmatism and panache. It’s being realistic about what works well for your body type and style and choosing quality over novelty. Then once you’ve done that, you throw in something crazy or unexpected.

Q: Do French women work out? How do they stay healthy? How do you stay healthy?

A: They do but they hardly ever talk about it. French women know there is no miracle solution; it’s about everyday choices. Maintaining constant balance: walking everyday, taking the stairs, doing yoga, and eating well. They don’t go to extremes they keep it constant. Me? I walk everywhere and I do Pilates.

Q: Do you have a travel tip for someone visiting Paris? Somewhere unusual to go to?

A: I love the Musée Gustave Moreau. It’s a hidden gem in Paris.


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