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6 Inspiring Plant-Based Instagram Accounts To Follow

Peanut butter banana super green smoothie bowl | @minimalistbaker

Minimalist Baker


The premise behind the website of the Minimalist Baker couldn’t be simpler: “Here we share plant-based recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.” Music to the ears anyone who is put off the idea of plant-based eating with preconceived notions of shopping lists of obscure ingredients from specialist food shops, to be found in far flung corners of metropolitan hubs only. And if you are left scratching your head in confusion over some ingredients, there’s a super-helpful ‘How To’ section including ‘A guide to making dairy-free milk’ and ‘How to make vegan parmesan cheese.’

Zucchini pasta bake | @sproutedkitchen

Sprouted Kitchen

Whilst not exclusively plant-based, recipes from Sprouted Kitchen are predominantly vegetarian or vegan. The force behind the hugely popular website is Sara Forte whose experience working in a grocery store and two farms convinced her to only ever eat seasonally. A self-confessed salad junkie, her instagram is an ode to various combinations of leaves, pulses, grains and other wholesome looking produce. In amongst the greenery you’ll also find sweet things made using sugar alternatives such as almond and coconut flour pancakes and chocolate peppermint molten cakes. Husband Hugh is a self-taught photographer who brings serious polish to the SK insta-feed.

Summer berry bowl | @ritaserano

Rita Serano

Dutch cook Rita Serano came to our attention via her fantastically simple book Vegan in 7, a collection of delicious recipes using seven or fewer plant-based ingredients. Inspired by seasonal, organic produce, Serano describes her style of cooking as being all about flavour, colour and fun, a fact evident in her beautiful instagram profile. From pastel pink berry bowls, fiery red and yellow citrus-based desserts, and the verdant green and violet hues of a bountiful green salad with blueberries, instagram foodie fans will find much to feast on here.

Aquafaba chocolate mousse domes | @fullofplants

Full Of Plants

Frenchman Thomas came to veganism gradually through a process of eliminating dairy products, then meat, fish and finally eggs, in an effort to rid himself of persistent issues with acne and bloating. It worked, and he has remained curious about the health benefits of plant-based eating ever since. His instagram account is perfect for those interested in veganism but worried about leaving behind creamy desserts, or gooey melted cheese: thanks to Thomas, there is a substitute for everything including innovative recipes for vegan camembert and the mouth-watering brownie oatmeal with banana ice cream.

Marinated kale salad | @deliciouslyella

Deliciously Ella

Not an original inclusion but too good to leave off a round-up of plant-based instagram accounts. Ella was one of the pioneers of clean-eating in the UK and her popularity shows no signs of waning. A warmth and authentic passion for her subject infuses her posts making her account a go-to for those seeking recipes that nourish the soul as well as the body. As well as being an inspiring business entrepreneur, she has recently turned her attentions to a yoga teacher training course, so fingers crossed for a ‘Deliciously Yoga’ account very soon.


Vegan blueberry cheesecake | @naturallyjo

Naturally Jo

Finally, we have Naturally Jo whose account may be too saccharine for some tastes but nevertheless is included in this round-up for the artistry and mind-boggling cuteness of his predominantly candy-coloured creations. If nothing else, it’s worth a peruse just to marvel at the fact that this collection of cakes, cannolis and cookies are made using plant-based ingredients only. Throw in the fact that Jose (the Jo of the handle) is only 16 years old and already has 1m followers and counting, and the reasons for keeping him off the list start to melt away quicker than one of his Chocolate Drizzled Watermelon Pops.

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